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6 Reasons Why We’re Slacktivists: The Psychology Of Liking Causes On Facebook | Co.Exist | ideas impact

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6 Reasons Why We’re Slacktivists: The Psychology Of Liking Causes On Facebook | Co.Exist | ideas impact: Whether or not this criticism holds water depends, in part, on why people like a cause in the first place. A new study, published in the International Journal of Web Based Communities, provides a detailed breakdown, based on an online survey of Facebook users conducted by two researchers from the Scandinavian research organization SINTEF in Oslo, Norway.

What Nonprofits Can Learn About Content Structure… from Pearl Jam


Brett Meyer Content Strategist ThinkShout You probably know at least some of their lyrics, but are you familiar with Pearl Jam's content structure? Go on a guided tour through the iconic band's websites for tips.

Pearl Jam have been posterboys for a lot of things, but probably not structured web content. Content strategists like to point to NPR’s Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) framework, to large media outlets, sometimes to the U.S. government – but given the breadth of coverage (and budgets) available to those entities, making the move to fully structured content may seem daunting in the nonprofit context. If Pearl Jam can do it, so can you.

#14LCS Facilitator Series: Meet Peter Campbell


If you register for NTEN’s first-ever Leading Change Summit this September (#14LCS), you’ll be asked to choose one of three tracks—Digital Strategy, The Future of Technology, or Impact Leadership—and you’ll spend quite a bit of time with your track-mates at the Summit.

That's why we're doing our best to recruit a remarkable group of facilitators to help shape your experience. Each track will have two Lead Facilitators and several additional Facilitators who will design spaces and lead small group conversations to make sure that every participant has the chance to both learn and share.

Today we want to introduce you to one of them: Peter Campbell, a Facilitator for the Future of Technology track.

Peter Campbell is currently the Chief Information Officer at Legal Services Corporation, America's partner for equal justice. Prior to serving at LSC, Peter spent five years as IT Director at Earthjustice, a non-profit law firm dedicated to defending the earth, and seven years serving as IT Director at Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin Counties, Inc. Peter has been managing technology for non-profits and law firms for over 20 years and has a broad knowledge of systems, email, and the web. In 2003, he won a "Top Technology Innovator" award from InfoWorld for developing a retail reporting system for Goodwill thrift. Peter's focus is on advancing communication, collaboration, and efficiency through creative use of the web and other technology platforms. 

Learn about Peter's thoughts about and excitement for the Future of Leadership track on his blog, Tech Cafeteria

If you register for #14LCS and opt for this track, you’ll join Peter, Tracy Kronzak, and Tanya Tarr to share your ideas, receive direct feedback, and reflect deeply about your current work or the plans you and your team hope to tackle.

You can follow Peter on Twitter at @peterscampbell.

And check out the full lineup of #14LCS speakers and facilitators!

Online Channel for Not-for-Profits-Ontario

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Online Channel for Not-for-ProfitsThe Online Channel is a central source of information for not-for-profits. Here you will find guidance on how to start and manage your not-for-profit or charitable organization. You can get information about the laws and regulations that apply to not-for-profits and where to go for funding. You can find answers to your questions about the sector and about Ontario government programs that support the sector.


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