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Vote for your favorite 15NTC session ideas!


Planning to attend the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, TX? We hope so—and we hope you’ll take a moment to vote for your favorite session proposals. The NTC agenda is created by the community, so your votes are critical for helping shape the program.  

Head to the voting page right now!

We create the NTC breakout session lineup by taking (at least) three factors into account:

  • the results of this public vote

  • the wisdom and guidance of our steering committee about critical topics, important issues, and sector-wide themes

  • staff perspective informed by session and overall conference evaluations from previous years

We received nearly 600 proposals this year (!) and can only accommodate a fraction of them, so please help us understand which ideas would be most valuable to you.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Visit http://www.nten.org/ntc-session-list

  2. Browse sessions (they appear in a randomized order for each visitor)

  3. Click the vote icon on the righthand side of the page for the sessions you are most interested in seeing on the 15NTC agenda

  4. Voting ends on July 18, so please cast your votes now!

We want you to go back to work Monday morning after the conference equipped with new contacts, new ideas, and new energy to put technology to work for your organization and your mission. Help us understand which sessions are most valuable and interesting to you by voting today.

NTEN Visits Free Geek


Last week, during the quarterly staff retreat, NTEN staff toured Free Geek. Free Geek is a technology reuse, recycle, and education nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. Several NTEN staff have been long-time supporters, and NTEN has always donated its old electronics to Free Geek. It was great to get out of the office together and see the good work being done with technology and nonprofits right here in Portland.

Free Geek accepts electronic waste of all kinds, refurbishes items that can be reused, and ethically and responsibly recycles items that have reached their end of life. Electronics that live to see another day are given back to the community or sold in Free Geek’s thrift store. Since 2000, Free Geek has given away over 16,000 computers to community members, nonprofits, social good groups, and schools. Free Geek keeps costs low and in line with its values by sending computers out with the free and open source Ubuntu operating system (rather than purchasing Windows licenses, for example).

With 500-600 active volunteers at any given time, it’s easy to understand that, not only does the community love this organization, but volunteers are key to the success of the mission. Volunteers help staff triage and test incoming electronics donations, then help tear down or rebuild components. There is no skill requirement for getting involved. Anyone can volunteer and learn how to build computers at Free Geek—and it shows in the diversity of their volunteer base. It’s not uncommon to see retirees working next to kids picking up new skills during school breaks or people in transition hoping to gain professional development. Free Geek also has a strong program for Spanish-speaking volunteers.

In addition to recycling and refurbishing technology, Free Geek provides a wealth of classes that are free and open to the public. Classes are developed and led by volunteers and range from basic computer literacy, social media 101, intro to programming concepts to sessions on HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Lego Robotics. (Lego Robotics!)

We enjoyed our visit to Free Geek and are excited to share it with the community!

Some Little Known Faith-Based Technology Resources - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup

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Some Little Known Faith-Based Technology Resources - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup: We’ve been talking to folks from some of the 350,000 congregations around the country and have been hearing that they’d like more coverage of IT resources for religious oriented charities on TechSoup. They’ve also told us about some great, but little-known online resources that explore faith-based IT like the pros and cons of the different church member management software packages and website content management systems for congregation websites. We thought we’d share that with you.

The Blackbaud Index: Charitable Giving to Nonprofits Increased 0.9% in May | Blackbaud News

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The Blackbaud Index: Charitable Giving to Nonprofits Increased 0.9% in May | Blackbaud News: The Blackbaud Index today reported that overall charitable giving to nonprofits increased 0.9% and online giving increased 8.1% for the three months ending May 2014 as compared to the same period in 2013.

As reported in the recently released Charitable Giving Report, overall charitable giving grew 4.9% and online giving grew 13.5% for the full year 2013 compared to the full year 2012. Visit the interactive infographic to view highlights from the report.

For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated - NYTimes.com

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For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated - NYTimes.com: So it gives us great pleasure to reveal a radical publishing technology that is catching on in news media companies big and small. Ladies and gentlemen, behold: email.

Email newsletters, an old-school artifact of the web that was supposed to die along with dial-up connections, are not only still around, but very much on the march.

CAF Donate platform launches to open up Direct Debits to charities | Charity Digital News

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CAF Donate platform launches to open up Direct Debits to charities | Charity Digital News: CAF Donate is a new platform that will help free up small and medium size charities from the administrative burden of processing donations on and offline and make it easy for them to accept regular donations by Direct Debit, as well as one-off gifts.

Previous research by the Payments Council has shown that a staggering 91% of charities still do not accept Direct Debit payments. So, following Small Charities Week, CAF Donate is being launched to help charities accep


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INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE - Guest Forum: Browsing the internet using your glasses, checking your email with a quick glance at your wrist, and keeping count of how many calories you are burning with your shoes. This functionality isn’t for the world of tomorrow, it’s all wearable technology and it is here today.

I’m Alex Cato and with my first Bit of Bytes column I’m going to give you the 411 on wearable technology; what it is, what’s available right now and help you make the decision whether you want to use it.


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