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We are strong supporters of Open Source software in general, and Drupal in particular. We build our web sites (including this one) in Drupal, and are a member of the Drupal Association.  Any purchases made from this page will also help to support the Drupal Association by paying the Drupal Association a 5% portion of your monthly hosting fee.  Drupal hosting with us starts at $6.95 per month for shared hosting, with a discount for nonprofts or paying on a yearly basis.

Our servers are set up to support Drupal.  We have a simple Drupal setup on our servers, which lets you install Drupal with a single click on the web.  This installer is kept up-to-date with new Drupal security releases, generally within a few days of a new release.  Our servers are tuned to support Drupal as well -

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Drupal Hosting

Most of our hosting services are intended to support the Drupal content management system. We provide managed Drupal hosting where we supply  Drupal and a set of supported Drupal modules. This can include CiviCRM, and a number of other additional packages. Typically our Drupal managed hosting rates start at $65 per month.  We're not a generic hosting service, but have a strong background in UNIX/Linux system administration.   We can work with you on a specialized hosting environment for your needs, including VPS hosting and dedicated managed servers.

Managed Drupal

One way that we are different from most Drupal hosting services is that we provide an option of managed Drupal hosting.  Our managed services mean that you can keep your Drupal site running and up-to-date without having to do the continual maintenance and due diligence that is required.  We build you a running Drupal site with a set of Drupal modules that we support, and we keep your Drupal instance up-to-date and secure.  This service includes updates to Drupal and our supported modules through a single numbered version of Drupal (that is, it includes updating through Drupal 6, but would not include updating to Drupal 7 without an extra porting charge).  Our Managed Drupal service starts at $65 per month on a shared server.

Drupal Shared Hosting Environment

We provide a hosting environment intended for Drupal.  Our Drupal servers include:

PHP 5.2

Mysql 5.0

Database servers tuned for Drupal use

APC Cache on all PHP servers

ioncube loaders

Drush available - along with ssh  login on the server.

On shared servers, we run Apache in worker MPM mode, with PHP running as a cgi process under fcgid.  This means that you will be at least somewhat separated from other users on the server, and more importantly PHP will run as your own process under your own user id.  This increases your security, and makes the servers more scalable.  Our shared Drupal servers have 6 Gbytes of RAM and have a limited number of sites, so that our shared hosting is typically as fast as VPS servers are with most providers. 

Premium and above shared servers support access to your own php.ini file so that you may adjust your own PHP parameters for your site.

Premium and above hosting packages include an svn repository and DAV logins.

We have successfully supported Boost and memcache on our shared servers to provide higher scalability for heavily-used servers.

Shared Drupal Hosting starts at $8.95/month.  We have discounts for nonprofit groups, and for payment for more than one month at a time.

All sites are remotely monitored 24/7, with paging alerts going to our staff if the sites become unresponsive. Additionally, your own staff can receive emails or SMS page if your site becomes unavailable.

We use the open source Virutalmin Pro hosting panel on our shared servers. We can provide Virtualmin GPL for free on VPS and dedicated servers, or Virtualmin Pro for an additional charge.

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